Charity 2022

Hythe Cricket and Squash Club is organising a sports FUN-ding day in a bid to
raise money for Cancer Research UK on Saturday 2nd July 2022, 9am until 11pm

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Full details

Programme and activities


Hythe Cricket and Squash Club are supporting Cancer Research throughout this year with our main event taking place on Saturday 2nd July as a memorial day.

To enable this we are running a number of key sports events on that day including the run up to the day involving all age groups.

We have an ambitious target for our fundraising with amazing support.
Any support that you can offer, no matter how small or large would be greatly appreciated”

Please click on the link or use your mobile phone with the QR code, below.

Main event day Sat 2nd July 22 – Put in your diary! – Support us and this great charity…