Remembering Pam

Members and friends are deeply saddened by the death of Pam O’Donovan, a lady who made an outstanding contribution to the club over many years, and will be much missed.   We are grateful to Pam’s husband Chris for sharing his memories of her time at the club:
‘Pam started in 1999 as the club Bar Manager and I came along as baggage but started to introduce racketball to the club for the first time. Pam put her whole heart and soul into the club. She was contracted to do 40 hours a week but we ended up doing 60 to 65 some weeks. The club was very very busy with parties, New Year’s Eve parties and fundraising. The very first big fundraising event was for Kent Air Ambulance where we opened the club for 24 hours, raising thousands upon thousands of pounds, and then two years later we did the same thing for 12 hours for Demelza House, again raising thousands of pounds. She worked tirelessly to make the club a success and it was.
We had a new kitchen fitted, I did the food and Pam did the cricket teas and all the squash dinners. A lot of the members used to eat there, especially weekends, when mums and dads brought the kids to have their tea.  Friday nights were the very best of evenings. The Long Room was fully booked with wedding receptions, birthday parties and lots more, and Pam used to look after that as well – she was a very very busy lady. This was only a small part of what Pam did for the cricket club’.

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