Boot Fairs

After many years of hard work, the club has earned a good reputation throughout Kent for its Sunday Morning boot fairs which are always well attended by visitors and stall-holders.

As a non-profit making organisation we rely on these events to help contribute towards the cost of maintaining and improving the club’s facilities. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who attend and look forward to welcoming you all again soon.

The club supports a number of local charities and throughout 2017 had a Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance stand at the boot fairs which raised a total of £201.90 (£46 more than last year).

Unfortunately there will be no Boot Fairs in 2020



More information

  • Car Parking available on the Cricket Ground – £1 (enter from Stade Street)
  • Gates open at 6:15am
  • Call 01303 267458 (after 6pm, Mon-Fri) for details

Following a number of enquiries about how we run our Boot Fair we have produced the following guidance:
We do not tolerate aggressive behaviour or verbal abuse at any time. Anyone found to have breached these standards may be refused entry or may be required to leave the event.
We want everyone who comes to our Boot fairs to have an enjoyable experience.

To help achieve this pitch holders cannot sell
* Illegal ( stolen or counterfeit) items
* Weapons ( including imitations)
* Alcohol, tobacco goods , fireworks
* Live animals, birds, fish
* Food past its sell by date or unfit for human consumption.

We ask that knives ( even kitchen and craft knives) are not offered for sale to anyone due to the difficulties in determining the age of potential purchasers.

These rules apply equally to traders (e.g. people who sell regularly, sell goods bought for resale, make goods for resale) and non-traders (e.g. private individuals selling their own possessions) and are for their own protection and that of buyers.

We recommend buyers think very carefully if considering purchasing.
* Electrical goods ( especially fires, blankets and irons) unless they are from a recent , reputable source and are complete with their original instructions
* Some clothes (check flammability labelling, especially for nightwear) and be aware of the risks posed by children’s’ coats with hood cords
* Cosmetics (unless with their intact original seals)
* Prams, pushchairs, car seats, crash helmets etc. These items met strict safety standards when sold originally by a trader but may now be damaged, albeit not obviously, and also need their original instructions to be properly fitted and operated.

Non traders
Unlike traders non traders are largely outside the controls of consumer law but goods you offer for sale must match their description. If they do not you are obliged to offer a refund, a replacement or a reduction in price to reflect that misdescription.

Club Members

The club would like to extend its thanks to all those members who give up their time and help contribute toward the smooth running of the boot fairs. Without all your hard work we could not run these events and would not be able to invest as much as we do back into improving the club.

We are always after helpers from all sections of the club in order to spread the work load. Members are encouraged to lend a hand whenever possible even if only for an hour or two. It all helps.